O'Brien campaign Newsletter August 2014

ANTHONY O'BRIEN, Sr., U.S. Navy veteran                                                                                         Republican candidate on Sept. 9 for                                                                                                  Plymouth County Register of Probate                                                                                                               I ask for your vote & ask your friends to vote!                                                                                                Fighter for taxpayers!  Answers questions:

WHO is O'Brien? He served in Marine Corps, then Navy SEALs - rose to Lieutenant Commander; husband of Staci, a nurse & cancer fundraiser, Dad of 2 children & office manager at VA hospital     Anthony's Dad Don, also a Marine Corps veteran, is a Church Deacon & his campaign treasurer

WHAT is Register of Probate?   Register of Probate is the Manager of personnel, facility & budget issues in offices in Plymouth & Brockton assisting with the administration of Probate matters.

WHY vote for O'Brien? Highly-qualified award-winning Manager of personnel, facility & budget for 30 yrs; Reformer who supports Term Limits, promises in writing to serve no more than 2 Terms!

His 3-point plan : Improve 1. community outreach, 2. customer service, 3. government efficiency

What is O'Brien's RECORD ? More experience & success as a County candidate & County official

Lifelong conservative:   pro-life, pro-2nd amendment, pro-traditional marriage, pro-voter ID &   when he was county commissioner, completed promised Term Limit & the same 3-point plan:     Improved community outreach, MORE media, meetings, office hours - will add info to townhalls  Improved customer service, created website/newsletter - will add all forms & procedures online Improved government efficiency, led historic budget cuts & increased services - it can be done!          - Fought against tax increases, supported historic salary decrease for his own salary - it was cut        - Created hundreds of jobs in County, led low-interest loan program - at ZERO cost to taxpayers

NOT career-politician, NOT political insider - well-known county-wide - for MORE promises kept

Can O'Brien WIN in 2014 ? YES, great opportunity for opposition candidates, other reasons incl:

- Rare OPEN seat - no incumbent - for Register of Probate due to current Register retiring          - Rare OPEN seats - no incumbents - for Governor, Lt. Gov., Treasurer & Attorney General                    - Ballot questions fighting bad government incl. Gas Tax Repeal - he worked on Repeal campaign     - Our conservative County has MORE Republican incumbents who he has supported for years  - Harder working campaign, MORE signatures, MORE town meetings, MORE events attended

Join O'Brien's fight!  Talk, emails, phone, provide sign locations, donate money & always VOTE!      info (508) 868-2547 checks: 'CTE O'Brien'  PO Box 18 Pembroke MA 02359 on-line ElectOBrien.org www.AnthonyOBrien.com  facebook.com Please copy & share info with your friends in 27 towns:  

Abington Bridgewater Brockton Carver Duxbury East Bridgewater Halifax Hull Hanover Hanson Hingham  Kingston Lakeville  Marion  Marshfield  Mattapoisett  Middleboro  Norwell Pembroke Plympton   Plymouth   Rochester   Rockland   Scituate   Wareham   Whitman   West Bridgewater